Experiment with me

One of the things I see too often, especially on Instagram is vintage sellers with quality items are either unsure of how to price, are afraid to ask what they really want or price too low because they are just hoping to get a sale.

Even seasoned sellers might not be realizing the biggest return on their investment, but with the volume they can do, it's not as big of a deal. 

For a NEW seller with few followers, organic growth is slow and feels impossible and overwhelming. And if no one is there to see your posts, why bother? 


If you are a seasoned seller with steady sales either directly on or promoted via Instagram. I want to experiment with you and your followers to find out if we're all leaving money on the table.


To tackle this without any programming at all, the simplest way I've come up with is a little bit clunky, but it should work!


I will install a mini-shop on ThriftScore exclusively for you to upload 10 to 20 items that you were planning to list soon. I ask that these items be in the same vein as your usual shop, because that's what your followers know you for. These listings must be exclusive to ThriftScore for the duration of the experiment.

The item's price will be set at a $0. Everyone who 'buys' the item will get a chance to put in their best offer at checkout.

At the end of the Flash Sale, I will share with you all of the offers that were received and you will choose your winning offer for each item. You can choose ANY winner, not just the one who offered the most. You can also choose NO winner, if the offers were not to your satisfaction.

I am not asking for any cut of this money so never fear! The data that I gather during this experiment is really more valuable to me at this point. I NEED to ensure that building an app that can automate this is going to actually BOOST our bottom dollars.

The best way to test this aspect is to see if you, as an expert and experienced seller could make more money using a different approach.

Sound interesting? Let's do it!

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