Seller Central

Seller Central is the place where all of the Seller's most urgent actions are shown in the order they should be addressed.

For new sellers, we have FUN Seller Badges that they can earn for completing tasks on time. 

If a seller has no urgent actions, our app will recommend:


  • Complete unfinished parts of their seller info

  • Follow 5 strangers

  • Add to their Junk Trunk

  • Add a White Whale

  • DIBs something

  • Start a Private Live Shop Feed (or start a trial!)

  • Create a DAILY DIBs listing

  • Add an item to their Buy It Now Boutique

Each action a user completes at any time will always earn them points. Points can be redeemed for physical merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, etc) or for a digital benefit such as DAILY DIBs credits, etc.

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