the den 

The Den is the ThriftScore term for a user's Profile Page. The Den is where ThriftScore users will learn more about the seller.

The Den includes a profile picture, Shop Name and @TSusername, short bio and any social media links that the seller wishes to include.

The numbers in the bubbles will be feedback related and/or number of sales.

Anyone visiting the Den can toggle between Live Shop Feed (when active), Junk Trunk and White Whales.

If a Live Shop Feed is active, a small preview is shown. Clicking on any of the photos will take the user to that seller's private Live Shop Feed.

If there's no Live Shop Feed, a small preview is shown of the user's Junk Trunk. Clicking on any of the photos will take the user to that seller's Junk Trunk.


If the seller has set up a Buy It Now Boutique, those items will be the default main view. 

If there are no items for sale, the default view is the Junk Trunk (ie, their private collection which is NOT for sale, but is DIBs-able.)

the private

Live shop feed 

When a PREMIUM seller starts a Live Shop Feed, items from their feed will appear in the following places:

  • In their Den (as shown)

  • In their follower's Friends Feed (from Home screen)

  • In the Random Feed

The seller sets the DIBs-able time frame, from 30 minutes - 10 days. As long as the items are visible, they are still DIBs-able.

The Private Live Shop Feed is ideal for working through your heaps of small unlisted treasures. 

The most exciting idea for the Private Live Shop Feed is that a seller can actually THRIFT, post quick pics of what's in their cart and find a buyer before they've even checked out!

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