DAILY DIBS are Featured Listings that are FLASH SALES. These will typically be the items that will do better with more eyeballs on it. Things that might go for a high dollar amount or have a lot of interested DIBsers would benefit from this PAID promotion.

These DAILY DIBS items are featured


  • On the main home screen

  • In their Den

  • In their follower's Friends Feed (from Home screen)

Each DAILY DIBS featured listing allows the seller to set up categories, hashtags and themes to help people find their items via a search function.

However, DAILY DIBS operates on a Swipe function similar to Tindr's. We believe our brains can instantly identify if we have any interest in an item, so the swiping, while mindless, is also fun.

If a user accidentally Swipes Left on an item they had intended to DIBs, simply Swiping Right will allow you to get back the last 2 items. 

A user can narrow their search by category, hashtag and theme.

A small preview of each category is shown. When clicked, it opens that category in the upper half of the screen. This is where the Swiping happens.

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