Unlike other platforms, the highest offer is not automatically the winner. That's because we understand that not everyone is motivated by money. Some sellers might like the idea of choosing the new owner for their treasure.
To learn more about each DIBser, the seller can click on the profile picture to be taken to that DIBsers Den (profile page)
To read the note included, the seller simply clicks on the note icon*
The seller must select the winning DIBser (if one is chosen) from this screen by either:
  • Clicking on the WIN icon (which will pop up a double confirmation, to give sellers a chance to review)
  • Swiping LEFT to reject unwanted offers. This will be particularly useful for sellers who receive many DIBs
Rejection is hard. Everyone wants to be let down gently, especially when they've gotten their hopes up. Sellers can customize a default note to send to any DIBser whose offer was rejected. 
All they have to do is choose their winner & we'll handle the bad news. 
Other things of note:
  • Sellers may wish to opt out of getting notes from DIBsers and are not obligated to receive them
  • Rejected DIBs are recoverable until the WIN icon is pressed and double confirmed
  • The DIBsers and Offers column are sortable from high to low, low to high and order the DIBs came in

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