DIBser notification

post live shop feed

After the seller's Live Shop Feed has ended, and IF they have decided to make an item available, any user that called DIBs (not hearts) is invited to put in their best offer.

A DIBser gets ONE chance to put in an offer.


  • Best offer

  • What they are willing to chip in towards shipping

  • Ability to leave a 200 character message to help convince the seller why they should win!


DIBsers will also have to tick a box that states that they agree that if and only if their offer is chosen, that their card will be billed immediately. They will be required to either have a card on file or an account balance.

Also included is a disclaimer that the seller is not obligated to choose the highest offer, so even if they offer the most doesn't necessarily guarantee them a win.

Some sellers might have preferred buyers, some might like the backstory a DIBser offered but most will go with the largest amounts. All are completely fine options. Because secondhand items have more sentiment behind them, it's understandable that sellers want to be sure their treasures find the best new home.

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