Help build something GRASSROOTS

Apply to be one of ThriftSCORE's PILOT Sellers + help us build the marketplace we've all been waiting for! 
ThriftSCORE is not just another marketplace that allows you to sell vintage. We're a VINTAGE ONLY marketplace + COMMUNITY of fellow thrift enthusiasts that understand the THRILL OF THE HUNT + how shopping for second-hand treasures IS social at it's CORE.
If you apply to be a PILOT Seller, you will need to be available to answer some interview questions, take surveys or provide feedback as needed.
We're building this from the ground up, so your input will help shape the future of something that we can all be proud of.

Does this describe you?

  • you sell vintage things online (not necessarily on Instagram)

  • but you do have a large + interactive Instagram following

  • you regularly post photos of things you are planning to sell

  • you occasionally post things that are NFS (Not For Sale)

  • your TTF (Time to Flip) is incredible; ie: you sell things quickly

We're also looking for people with LOW follower counts but excellent taste in stuff + above average photos!

Some Perks for Being a Pilot Seller

  • Help shape the BEST marketplace for the vintage community

  • As one of our Founding Sellers, your Shop, Live Shop Feed + Live Sales Streams will be the MAIN EVENT for the first weeks ThriftSCORE goes live!

  • Pilot Sellers will always have access to Premium Features

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