seller notification

post live shop feed

At the conclusion of the seller's Live Shop Feed, any posts that received DIBs (not hearts) are pushed to the seller as shown.

The seller must decide if they want to:


Put it UP FOR GRABS. This means that they want to give their DIBsers a chance to put in best offers.


Sellers set the length of time they will accept offers. This can range from 3 hours to 10 days.


Once a time range is set, the system automates a push notification and email or SMS text alert to all DIBsers that it's their lucky day!


Tag it DOWN FOR KEEPS. This means that the seller has opted to NOT make the item available. To choose this option, we ask the seller to select a reason from the following list:

  • Keeping for Myself

  • Already found a buyer

  • Didn't buy it

  • Can't ship

  • Other

If Keeping for Myself was chosen, the seller can then add it to their JUNK TRUNK (a browsable photo file of their personal collection, more details on that later, too!)


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