white whale

The hunt begins

From the HOME PAGE, all users will see the White Whale Feed; a side-scrolling bar that shows the latest 10 items. Full White Whale Feed is a click away.
The full White Whale Feed (shown to the left) will operate similarly to Instagram, in that users can toggle between viewing each WW individually or seeing a grid. Both scroll up and down.
The search pulls from the user-chosen hashtags and will help sellers who specialize in a category to more easily find someone in search of an object they might have. It also allows curious onlookers to browse subjects that interest them.
Remember, anyone, anywhere can sell!
They don't have to BE a professional seller or even have an account with us.
Although the creator of the White Whale is ANONYMOUS, registered members can comment, send well-wishes and ask questions (as shown in the image to the left). Interacting is free, however, photo responses are not allowed.

If a user has an item that meets the needs of the White Whale OP, they should click on the SMILE ICON, which means you're about to make them really HAPPY, hopefully.
Clicking the SMILE ICON allows the clicker to either:
  • Create an on-the-fly listing with an asking price. This allows the seller to quickly show the WW OP (original poster) the actual item they have for sale and set an asking price.
  • Post a link to an existing (approved) competitor marketplace for a nominal fee
Once a seller has sent the either an on-the-fly listing or a link, it is up to the WWOP to either accept or reject each offer. This may happen immediately or it might happen shortly after the White Whale expires.
The White Whale post does NOT automatically end when the first (or only) match is made. It closes naturally at the end of its life.

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