DIBs: What are They?

It's the battle cry of many collectors when an Insta-friend finds something we are so suddenly and breathtakingly in love with.

DIBs, you call, sealing an irrevocable bond with the Universe and All Who Reside Within It that it is hereby declared that should the current owner no longer wish to avail themselves of this Prized Object, you become the Next Rightful Heir
Joshy always had his Mom document his DIBs in case Judge Wapner ever needed evidence in a court of law.

While the DIBsing spell's success rate was often-times successful amongst your friends and relatives, the sad truth is, a Modern Day Techno DIBsing Encantation is basically useless. No magic in the world is going to give little old YOU priority rights to a stranger's stash!

Any of us who scroll around the vintage collectors joints online are well aware that part of the joy of acquiring these really wonderful treasures is showing them off. Instagram is full of people who have amazing collections but who aren't interested in selling. YET.

Remember our friend Suzanne? Here's one of her cutest, rarest finds! She's so lucky to have found such a sign in such nice condition. Every time she posts it on her Insta, hundreds of people throw it some love.

Our Members each get a Junk Trunk - which is their personal (not for sale) collections, cataloged online for all to see, privacy settings permitting. Suzanne could catalog all her neatest things in her Junk Trunk. Now here's where it gets FUN!

Since Junk Trunks (unless private) are searchable by anyone, anyone interested in buying it if it was for sale, can call DIBs!
Suzanne may never ever want to sell this charming little fella, but WHEN + IF she did, she would already have a built-in audience of buyers.

A DIBs is FREE to call. Call DIBs on all the things you love!

The Junk Trunk owner can toggle between accepting:

  • No offers until open (default)

  • To consider offers over a reserve price

  • To consider any offers, all the time

The default setting is 'no offers'. This option doesn't get anyone's hopes up! It's really for the best.

Then when you're ready to sell your thing, for whatever your reason, just switch to consider offers. Choose an optional end time or see offers until you find one you like.

We'll let all your DIBsers know that offers are now open. They'll be given a chance to put in their best offer.

They can also leave a note with their offer - let's be honest, it's 100% there for them to butter YOU UP. We encourage everyone to tell you why they want THE THING. Maybe it's the one they are missing from their set, maybe it's for a gift, maybe they just love it. Don't you love to hear stories!? That's what's fun about selling your stash at flea markets - you get to gab with other people who are excited about the same kinds of things as you. It feels more fun to sell to people who have some stars in their eyes.

Sometimes the BEST new home for them isn't necessarily with the person with the most money. You can choose your object's new owner, even if they didn't offer the most moolah. Certain stipulations will apply, of course, but we understand + respect wanting to find the right buyer for your favorite things.

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