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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Flipping is a FUN side hustle just to earn some extra 'walking around money' or to sock away funds for a rainy day. Trying to sell things FAST when you suddenly, urgently need cash isn't as easy as you think it will be. I speak from experience! (Whoever said I wasn't experienced? Nightmares are experiences, right?)

Last year, probably almost to this day, we lost our last big revenue stream suddenly. It was going to be too costly for us to stay in our rental house without any reliable income. We knew we had to move in with family temporarily. That meant we had exactly 2 months to pare down 10 years of STUFF from a 3 bedroom house with a full basement and a garage. ALL OF IT FULL because I am GOOD at thrifting but BAD at selling.

I was hosed, my friends. Selling on places like eBay, Poshmark and Mercari takes time. Not just the listing part, but sometimes things don't sell for weeks. Our house was chaotic. We were packing everything up. It was too hazardous to have active listings and to have to keep track of them in a place where it's all boxes, everywhere!

Oh but anyway, back to the main idea:

One of my favorite components of ThriftSCORE is called the LIVE SHOP FEED. And wading through all the stuff I had bought with such lovely intentions, I knew I was onto something good!

Here is some of the (fairly adorable) terror that I was dealing with:

I didn't have time to turbo list things that may or may not sell when I was in a major time crunch!

I couldn't stop thinking about my idea you guys!

Imagine being able to post up a quick picture + optional short description of an item ANYWHERE YOU ARE (ie in your hoarded spare bedroom, after a good day at the fleas or even while you are shopping at a mother-humpin' thrift store!)

That picture is shown in a feed of all LIVE shopping trips, available to thousands of active viewers. Both followers and perfect strangers have a chance to say 'HECK YES' to what you've spotted, often times before you've even reached the check-out counter!

This saves you from having to:

  1. clean up every detail

  2. take swoon-worthy photos

  3. bother writing a description at all

It also allows vetted vintage sellers to be a PERSONAL SHOPPER for people who can't physically go thrifting, which is especially wonderful in this time of COVID.

It totally would have helped me blast through my 'death pile' (as they call it!) And so I KNOW it should exist.

This is only a small component of what's to come for ThriftSCORE, be sure to join our email list to keep tabs on us!

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