The Curated Cuteness of JunkityFunkity30

This week at ThriftScore, we introduce you to Suzanne - aka @junkityfunkity30

Read on and you'll get to peek into her colorful, whimsical world! Photos used with permission from @junkityfunkity30

Hello junkityfunkity30! You've got an insanely wonderful collection.

Thank you SO much!  It’s a lot for some people to take in but I live by the “more is more” motto!!

I agree with every purchase you've ever made! What kind of kid were you? Did your parents foster an early appreciation for funkity junk? 

I was a very organized, picky kid who loved the color pink ! Still do. I began collecting Halloween items in my late 20s…I just turned 50 two days ago- so maybe 25 years’ worth of collecting is under my belt.  My Mom brought me with her to a couple of outdoor fleas and within no time, I was hooked!

What was the first thing you ever really collected with intention? 

Vintage Halloween was my first love. Christmas soon came after…

What things have you kind of accidentally fallen into collecting?

A lot of the Holt Howard, PY, and Napco figurines – both holiday and non-holiday ones. Vintage Valentines.  Kitschy kitchen items. Old signage. Old department store displays.

I saw a couple of years back you scored a whole bag full of band pins and patches. Instant collection! But do you add to it now or is it one of those things that you'll add to only if the price is right?

Ha!  I scored that big bag of rock and roll buttons and patches at a church rummage sale so you NEVER KNOW where you’re going to find the fun!  I grew up in the 80s so a lot of those buttons were a time travel for me!  I never added to it ; in fact, I gave a lot of it away to friends.

Speaking of the Price is Right (lol) (hey! I have that board game from the late 70s!) wouldn't it be interesting to see how regular people would value our collections? I mean lots of people know how much a can of soup costs, but I guarantee you, they'd lose their minds if they knew how much a Lefton Miss Priss is worth! But that's why thrifting and flea markets are so great! 

Agree!! Unless you “study” what’s going on in the vintage world via magazines, word of mouth, going to fleas to see what some of the prices are… the average person has ZERO idea what an item is worth.  Although, it’s only “worth” what someone is willing to pay. My friends lose their minds when I tell them what I paid at a rummage sale versus what it sells for at an antique mall!

What's been your most AMAZING score to date?

My most amazing score was a few years ago when I found a paper-mache pumpkin at a local thrift store for $1.99.  It was missing the paper insert for the face but I found a download online for free and fixed him right up!  I will never forget that afternoon and went back to that store every day for the following 2 weeks to see if there were any more but no!

He travelled through time to find just the right home! Hoorah!

What's your typical budget for a day at a flea market? 

I spend an average of $400 on a typical flea market trip.

Do you ever sell any of the treasures you've scored? If not, WHERE DO YOU KEEP IT ALLLLLLL? My house is overflowing but I can't stop thrifting. 

I currently don’t sell but I SHOULD.  Collections come and go for me and right now, as I type this, I really should get rid of some of my old toys I no longer am interested in.  I am very lucky; I have a large Victorian house built in the late 1800s that has a huge basement, which is where I keep all of my holiday items.

Last night, I was watching a video of an interview of Snoop Dogg. The interviewer handed him a Redd Foxx doll. Twelve seconds later, as I'm scrolling through your Insta, low and behold, YOU HAVE IT! You should know, Snoop was enamored with it, as was I. How much did you pay for Redd Foxx and where on earth did you find him? (PS: here's the vid, yo!)

I found that crazy doll at the Elkhorn Flea Market about 5 years ago – did you know it’s two-sided?!?!  Redd Foxx in a tuxedo on one and him headed to the beach on the other - HA!  I do adore him.!  I think I paid $5 for it.

What's the MOST valuable thing in your collection and how did you come to own it?

To me, the most valuable thing I have is my Halloween mask display.  I won it on eBay years and years ago.  It came from an old warehouse out east in the original box that was meant to be displayed in a dime store.  I love that thing;  if my house was ever on fire, I’d toss it out a window and try to save it!!  I do keep it up all year long.  I have had MANY offers to buy it.

What's probably the LEAST valuable dollar-wise but MOST valuable sentimental-wise?

I’d guess a lot of my vintage board games I’ve found at estate sales (ranging from $1 - $5) are my most memorable; we played a lot of games as a family and to find a lot of them now brings back lots and lots of good memories.

Halloween is undoubtedly the most adorable of all holidays to collect. I love the way Beistle and Ben Cooper make scary things less terrifying for kids by using almost neon colors to kind of erasing the darkness of things that might normally frighten a child.

YES!!  I love a good not-so-scary costume still in its’ original package!!  They’re becoming more expensive and harder to come by.

Obviously Halloween and Christmas are the easiest holidays to start collecting, because there's simply more of it out there. Which holidays are the hardest for collectors to find? 

Valentine’s Day and 4th of July are pretty difficult – other than paper goods (postcards, valentines, etc.). Easter is starting to show up everywhere so I do have a nice collection of that.

What are your current WHITE WHALES? (ie the things you're hunting high and low for)

I am hunting for those very hard to find Fire King small cottage cheese bowls in a rainbow of tulip colors!!  I saw one once and it was $36 but I’m a real cheapskate so I left it behind!!!  I’m also looking for Casper the Ghost glass dishes (bowls and glasses) – I’ve only seen them on Instagram.

What are your most favorite collections? Most extensive? 

Favorites are Halloween and Christmas – I have more Christmas than anything and it’s so hard each year to make cuts here and there as to which item gets to be displayed! I certainly can’t put out everything I own.  I need a bigger house!

Since you have such good taste, I can't imagine you passing up a good Marimekko or floral sheet set, yet you don't seem to show any on Insta. Do you grab em if you see them and what do you do with them?

Thank you!  While I certainly appreciate the Marimekko style, I’m not much of a linen collector – unless it’s a good tablecloth!

The vintage community seems so supportive. Have you made a lot of new friends since starting your instagram account? Have you met anyone from there in real life?

Instagram is AMAZINGLY AND INCREDIBLY wonderful!!  I can’t imagine what I’d do without my daily dose of IG!!!  Everyone is so helpful, supportive, and genuinely HAPPY for you when you post an amazing find!  I have met a handful of people over the past few years – I truly feel as though I “know” them, you know?!?!  Such good, good people.

I would want to buy all the same things as you. Do any of your shopping buddies have the same taste? Does that make it hard sometimes? 

I 99.9% shop alone – I prefer to have no competition!!  I’m quite fast, too.  I can blow through a flea market or antique mall very fast.  I am not a “look at everything” shopper.

Where would you say you've had the best luck finding the harder to find things (like old food boxes, tins, those to-die-for Sealtest ice cream cone wrappers!)?

I’m a die-hard Elkhorn Flea Market gal.  I organize my entire year around those 4 dates!  I do shop Etsy and eBay.  I scour church rummage sales in the summer and they, by far, have the best prices!!

I scream, you scream, we all scream because LOOK HOW CUUUUUTE!

If you could only pick one for the rest of your life? Thrift stores, flea markets, ebay/etsy/online sales, estate/yard sales. Or if that's too mean (!) rank them in order starting with the best.

#1 Flea Markets  #2 Antique Malls  #3 estate sales   #4 thrift stores  #5 eBay / Etsy

And finally, who are your favorite Insta vintage people?

Wow!  There are so many fantastic people out there with such great style: Magpie Ethel; Elfhead; dumpsterdiverdana; vintagechickster; vintagesoulthrifter; vintagevspot; goldeneggvintage; midcenturymama; the list goes on and on…

Thank you so much for taking your time to share your world with us! 

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