What's your White Whale?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Each of us has a dream or two, in material form. It's the video game we used to have as a kid, it's that space age tv that we only ever saw in an ad. It's that rare copy of a Blue Note album that you dream of adding to your collection.

These are called White Whales. They're things you LONG for but don't really ever expect to be able to catch in the wild. If that sounds fishy, you must have gotten the Cliff's Notes to Moby Dick, my dude. (No judging, I did, too.)

The main guy of the story is all obsessed over this one whale that bit his leg off + then just ghosted him. Anyway, unlike Ahab, most of our White Whales haven't wrecked our boats up pretty bad, nor have they straight chompered our leg below the knee, but we kinda do obsess over them. Some of us also obsess over Fudgie the Whale (as is shown above)

Not all White Whales are for selfish reasons. Sometimes someone just wants to reunite a loved one with something special to them.

Here's some rando vintage photo from eBay user monkeyturtleproductions but let's pretend that this was your family and that amazing clown art on the wall was something your Mom was obsessed with as a child but this photograph was the only remaining evidence of it.

How wonderful would it be to be able to find another one after all these years! What greater gift than something sentimental?

But in reality, how likely is it? I mean, will you REALLY stumble upon this at your local flea market? And even if you look for it online doesn't mean you'll find one that's readily available. Wouldn't it be great to have some help tracking it down?

White Whales are just one part of ThriftSCORE that flips the way we flip. Here's how it works:

  • Someone IN SEARCH OF a vintage object posts their White Whale.

  • All members of our vintage loving community can peruse the pics and help them track down the item.

  • And if YOU have a thing someone is looking for, you can send them a pic + a price, which they can accept on the spot.

Only registered members can participate, but registration is FREE!

Everyone gets ONE White Whale at a time as long as they are a Member in Good Standing.

We can also help collectors add to their own weird collections in the same way.

Say you want to up your bell clip charm game + fast! How many people have these just laying around?! You might be surprised! First off, not everyone knows that anyone really cares about these, so they might not bother to list them.

But when they suddenly see your picture they are reminded of their stash.

And then before you know it, you've got more OFFERS for bell clip charms than you can shake a stick at.

People who have them, share quick snaps. They set a price, you can accept or negotiate.

Even though Members only get one White Whale post at a time, you can accept as many offers as you want!

Close out the posting whenever you've had enough or you want to post about something else.

Every Member gets a White Whale, so peep around and see which things people you know are on the hunt for so that you can help them out!

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